Top 6 Bakeries You Have to Eat at in San Francisco

Top 6 Bakeries You Have to Eat at in San Francisco - New Kid On The Guac

Trust me, I get it: San Francisco is overwhelming to a newbie. Especially if you are visiting for a short time and want to make the most out of your San Francisco dining experience. I had a full year to conquer the eating extravaganza that is SF and still left feeling unaccomplished. So let me do you a solid and guide you through one of the most important categories: baked goods.  San Francisco’s baked good game is STRONG, and I don’t want you to waste one single moment in the lands of mediocrity. So do your homework and read up on the best spots to visit when you want to eat dessert for breakfast. You’re welcome.

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Off the Grid

Traveling food truck festival throughout all of Bay Area? Count me in. Check out the best of the best at Off the Grid, San Francisco!

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Brenda’s French Soul Food

Brenda's French Soul Food - New Kid On The Guac

You haven’t truly lived in San Francisco until you have had the pleasure of leaving Brenda’s French Soul Food uncomfortably full. I’m talking ‘leggings only — no way I’m returning to work today — food coma’ type of full. And so it goes, when my coworker, who graciously took it upon himself to sponsor “SF Eat Week” […]

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The Progress

The Progress - New Kid On The Guac

Big news: I moved from San Francisco back to Chicago! I absolutely love San Francisco, and I left part of my heart in that glorious city, but ultimately, I decided that the Bay Area is just too stupid expensive for me right now. Maybe at another time in my life I will end up back […]

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Outerlands - New Kid On The Guac

Imagine: it’s Sunday morning, you lazily awaken at 9 am with faint memories of last night’s midnight pizza order. As you slowly sip your coffee and delete your snapchat story that 36 people have already viewed, your mind wanders to omelets and biscuits and mimosas. Ah, the glorious Holy Day of Brunch in the city. […]

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Saru Sushi Bar

Saru Sushi Bar - New Kid On The Guac

When you work in foodservice, you never get a lunch break. I typically eat breakfast at my desk right when I get to work, eat lunch at my desk after we are done with the lunch rush, and sometimes eat dinner at my desk if I’m working late. I don’t, by any means, condone this […]

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The Corner Store

The Corner Store - New Kid On The Guac

Last night I watched a devastating ending to the Packer’s football season and drowned myself in sorrows in too much pilsner and bar food. It was a true tragedy, and I thought I may never recover. However, after an hour of struggling this morning, I convinced myself there was reason to go on in life and […]

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Waterbar - New Kid On The Guac

I’d like you to look at the picture above and tell me if anything in the world could be more perfect. ……. The answer is no. This is the most beautiful plate of food I have ever seen, and it tastes just as fantastic as well!

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El Techo de Lolinda

El Techo de Lolinda - New Kid On The Guac

I had lived in San Francisco for roughly three weeks before my birthday rolled around. Being a foodie in San Francisco, birthday plans are really a golden window of opportunity as your time to shine. Your friends are guilted into going to any venue of your choosing, and you can take your night any way […]

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Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee - New Kid On The Guac

I’m not even ashamed to say that this was my second cup of Philz today. In order to be part of my family, you need to have your own perfect, carefully calculated, caffeine prescription. Everyone in my family has their own personalized plan – it’s just a fact of life. Though caffeine source, timing, size, and […]

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