Girl and the Goat

Girl and the Goat - New Kid On The Guac

You cannot say that you have truly experienced Chicago dining until you have eaten at Girl and the Goat. I thought I was a Chicago food extroadinaire, and was starting to get pretty high on my horse, until one fateful evening, I visited Girl and the Goat and life as I knew it was never the same. This globally-inspired, family style eatery is everything you never knew your tastebuds needed until now.

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Sweetgreen - New Kid On The Guac

Fresh, local, organic salads at Sweetgreen, Chicago!

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Bottlefork - New Kid On The Guac

Something you should know about Midwesterners, is that we take our brunch game seriously. When 10am rolls around on Saturday morning, all bets are off. Herds of people are observed in various jersey-claden gear (depending on the sports season), headed to local watering holes to enjoy a cold beverage (or five) and far too much […]

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