What I Learned On Whole30

What I Learned on Whole30 - New Kid On The Guac

I am not a dieter. In reality, I’m the farthest thing from it – I’m an eater. I love food. I love exploring with new flavors, cooking up a storm, trying unique restaurants, and embracing different eating experiences. In that same arena, I love healthy foods. I love the idea of fueling my body with nutrient-dense ingredients that will help me power through when I challenge myself to run faster or hike harder than ever before.

As a registered dietitian, I think it’s important to stay knowledgable of the latest and greatest trends in the nutrition world. So when Whole30 started gaining more and more traction, I knew it was time I give it a whirl for myself and see if it lived up to the hype. Here’s what I learned.

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Easy Kitchen Hacks to Reduce Food Waste at Home

Easy Kitchen Hacks to Reduce Food Waste - New Kid On The Guac

I hear you – using up all of your food is HARD. WORK. It requires planning and preparation and a lot of freaking creativity. If you’re an adventurous whiz in the kitchen (or even if you’re not), chances are your fridge may be stocked with a lot of one-off ingredients that you have no idea how to utilize before they expire.

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The Ultimate Guide to Balanced Game Day Grub

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites with Ranch Dressing - New Kid On The Guac

While the Super Bowl is disguised as a nationwide sporting event, we all know the REAL lineup is focused on the food (and maybe the commercials). Don’t fall into the trap of overdoing it early on game day with heavy food and drink choices, leaving you sluggish and uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Stick to these tried and true balanced game day options for a helluva good time throughout the entire game.

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Six Tips to Healthier Jet-setting

Six Tips to Healthier Jet-Setting - New Kid On The Guac

Whether you’re a business frequent flyer, weekend getaway girl, or home-bound for the holidays, we all can relate to the struggle of finding something healthy to eat in a hectic airport terminal (especially if you’re trying to prepare for an overnight flight!). These tips take the guess work out of healthy eating while flying, so you can focus on the finer things in life, like free wifi on long distance flights and catching up on the latest episodes on Netflix. Score.

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Five Tips to Help Manage Stress

Five Tips to Help Manage Stress - New Kid On The Guac

For years, studies have shown stress as a precursor for serious diseases. It has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, liver failure, and other chronic illnesses. What’s more, when you are experiencing stress, hormones like ghrelin (the hunger hormone) are triggered and can cause you to overeat. Stress eating is real, ladies and gents (there is actually a somewhat scientific explanation for the bag of chips which is magically empty after a stressful afternoon). Let’s call it what it is: unhealthy. We need to learn to de-stress somehow, as if our life depended on it – because in reality, it does.

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Four Tips for a Balanced Thanksgiving

Four Tips for a Balanced Thanksgiving - New Kid On The Guac

There’s no denying that holidays are a time of indulgence. It’s a season spent enjoying time with family and friends, and likely involves recipes passed down for generations, a second helping of dessert, and lots and lots of leftovers. These festivities all kickstart with Thanksgiving. It’s like an annual “ready, set, go” to a few months of massive amounts of eating and likely, not a lot of restraint. I’ve never been one to approach Thanksgiving with a calorie goal in mind, but there are a few helpful tips that I use to keep my holiday in check so I can enjoy it without a stomach ache.

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Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Antibiotics, oh my!

Chances are, you’ve heard of these trendy little guys called prebiotics and probiotics at some point or another – possibly at a yoga class or a juice bar. Yes, they are good for you and yes you should try to incorporate them into your diet. But did you ever stop to wonder what all the fuss is about? And what about antibiotics? Are those good, too? Well folks, it’s gut health. And a glamorous topic such as gut health deserves center stage.

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Food Philosophy

Food Philosophy - New Kid On The Guac

Life is about balance. My personal food philosophy focuses on a holistic approach to wellness, with wholesome and delicious foods to fuel an active and adventurous lifestyle.

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The Ugly Fruit and Vegetable Campaign

The Ugly Fruit and Vegetable Campaign - New Kid On The Guac

Trends and fads in the nutrition world are constantly changing. This is where my absolute nutrition nerd comes out — I am totally fascinated with hearing the latest and greatest health and wellness trends (chlorophyll and spirulina, anyone?!). 10 years ago, low-carb and Atkins diets were the biggest thing since sliced bread (pun intended). Now, the […]

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