Fat Fish Cantina Grill

Fat Fish Cantina Grill - New Kid On The Guac

Holy guacamole guys, this very well may be my FAVORITE restaurant of all time. (And that is not a title I give lightly, because trust me when I say, I have eaten at a LOT of restaurants.) But before we dive into this highly favorable review, let’s set some basic guidelines for life in general:¬†if […]

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Crushed - New Kid On The Guac

A comedian I once saw who shall remain nameless (mainly because I can’t remember his name for the life of me) did a piece on women and their brunch. In his eyes, brunch is like a weekly congregation¬†of females who have been hiding out all week, complaining about their jobs and yelling at their male […]

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Better Buzz Coffee

Better Buzz Coffee - New Kid On The Guac

Better Buzz Coffee is the best thing since sliced bread. I can actually hear San Diego java junkies rejoicing in agreement! This local spot bows away the competition by a long shot. I’ll have you know I have been a proud Starbucks Gold Card member since 2012. I work hard for my gold stars, linking […]

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