Fat Fish Cantina Grill

Fat Fish Cantina Grill - New Kid On The Guac

Holy guacamole guys, this very well may be my FAVORITE restaurant of all time. (And that is not a title I give lightly, because trust me when I say, I have eaten at a LOT of restaurants.) But before we dive into this highly favorable review, let’s set some basic guidelines for life in general: if you visit San Diego and DON’T eat at least one mexican meal per day, you’re doing it wrong. It’s that simple.

That being said, there are many restaurants I can recommend to help you meet your daily quota: breakfast burritos from La Perla, late night pollo asado fries from Trujillo’s, dinner with a table side mariachi band at Casa Guadalajara, and the list goes on. But none stand out in my mind quite as much as Fat Fish. This beachfront restaurant is located in the heart of Pacific Beach at the corner of Garnet Avenue and Mission Blvd (right by the pier). The menu comes alive with homemade tortillas, fresh seafood, and killer happy hour deals, all of which keep me coming back for more, again and again. And… brace yourself… an actually reasonable price for the incredible value. (Proven by the fact that I could afford it in my broke college days, which is really saying something.) This food is off the charts people, and I want you all to experience it for yourselves.


Fat Fish Virgin’s Menu: Help me help you. Here’s what to order if you’ve never done this before.

Drink: Margarita flight. Or Drunken Mermaid. Or Blood Orange Margarita. Or all of the above.

Appetizer: Grilled Fresh Corn on the Cob

Tacos: Lobster Taco Plate (ask for the lobster grilled instead of fried – you won’t be disappointed)

Dinner Entree: Seared Ahi Tuna Plate


Fat Fish Cantina Grill - New Kid on the Guac
Grilled Lobster Taco Plate
Fat Fish Cantina Grill - New Kid on the Guac
Drunken Mermaid and Blood Orange Margarita







The Happiest of Hours: 3-11pm Monday-Friday. Aka the world’s best happy hour deals in all of the land. Daily specials paired with a $3 house margarita – try and top that, I dare you.

Lobster Mondays: $8 lobster tails (yes, you read that correctly)

Taco Tuesday: $1 street tacos or $1.50 shrimp tacos

Wednesday: half price appetizers

Thursday: Tequila Flight Night + $2 fish tacos

Sangria Saturday: 3-11pm $7.75 carafes

Sunday Funday: $10 bottles of champagne


In essence, there is no bad day to go to Fat Fish Cantina Grill, which makes me love it even more. Come one, come all, and experience this magic first hand – because words can’t do it justice, and I can’t eat all the lobster by myself (but that won’t stop me from trying).

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