Chicken Chili

Chicken Chili - New Kid On The Guac

It’s Sunday in November, which only means one thing in my house: FOOTBALL. The Packers are playing, the leaves are changing colors, and the crockpot is cooking some FIERCE chicken chili. This recipe has been a family football tradition for as long as I can remember. I always make it for the first game of the season and as many times as feasibly possible throughout the rest of the season as well.

Crockpot recipes are my favorite because they are SO easy! I mean honestly, a type of pot that was designed specifically to be left unattended all day… can’t beat that! Friendly reminder though, if you are using a family heirloom crockpot that your grandmother used back in the stone age, it may be time to upgrade. If the inside does not separate for easier cleaner or the chord is wrapped in some type of woven fabric, toss that sucker to the side and invest in a new one. For safety and sanitation purposes, you’ll be happy you did. Now on to the recipe.


4 chicken breasts, spiced and cooked, shredded

1-32 oz. jar Great Northern beans

24 oz. medium salsa

24 oz. water

1-2 tbsp cumin

8 oz. pepperjack cheese


Either in a crockpot or on the stove (but honestly, who would willingly chose the stove?!), mix chicken, salsa, cumin, beans and water together. Heat either 45 minutes on the stove or let sit in the crockpot until hot. (I’ll be honest here, I let this bad boy simmer on low heat all day long. It lets the flavor really set in). Before serving shred chicken and add cheese until melted.

Chicken Chili - New Kid on the Guac

Chicken Chili - New Kid on the Guac

I’m not kidding you, the recipe really is THAT SIMPLE PEOPLE. Perfect for a Sunday when you have better things to do, like watch Green Bay crushing it (again). Can I get a #GOPACKGO ?! Holla at me, cheeseheads, we got this.


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