Crushed - New Kid On The Guac

A comedian I once saw who shall remain nameless (mainly because I can’t remember his name for the life of me) did a piece on women and their brunch. In his eyes, brunch is like a weekly congregation of females who have been hiding out all week, complaining about their jobs and yelling at their male counterparts about not taking out the trash. He goes on to describe the queen of brunch blowing the brunch conch, and suddenly women immerse from everywhere, clawing from  the woodworks to the familiar sound of “BRUUUUUUUNNNNNCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH” ringing out through the conch.

They drop what they are doing and run to the closest yelp location that pops up when they filter the word “bottomless” and convene to discuss their unruly boyfriends and most recent yoga class. So to all you yoga-doing, brunch-eating, juice-cleansing kinda females out there, I’m here to tell you that I have found your mothership, and I’m making a reservation for 10am Sunday right now.

I bring you Crushed, located on Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach, San Diego. For those of you who are SD locals: need I say more?! But for those non-San Diegans out there, let me give you the lowdown.

Pacific Beach, and more specifically Garnet Ave, is the most popping place to be if you are young and carefree and seeking a strong drink and/or taco in the Greater San Diego area. If you are 20 something and haven’t lived in San Diego yet, quite frankly, you’re doing it wrong. So quick – grab your ray ban knockoffs and your bestie and catch the next flight out. You won’t regret it.

First stop on your adventure is Crushed. This magical bar & tapas restaurant is famous for their small plates and flights (as seen above). If you are going there for dinner, the beer flights are a must-try. With 22 beers on tap, many of which are San Diego local brews, you are bound to find something to suit your fancy. Pair that flight with some tapas, ya light weight, like the portobello slider brigade or bacon wrapped scallops. Or if you are basic and going for brunch (which is what I did – basic doesn’t have to be a bad thing, y’all!) then the mimosa flights are mandatory. Sorry, no negotiating.

My personal mimosa lineup was as follows: Rosemary Grapefruit, Pomegranate + Navel Orange, and Lavender. They will also make any combination of beermosas for you, bless their souls,  which is a whole other ballpark that I can’t even wrap my head around right now.

The Lavender mimosa CHANGED. MY. LIFE. I’m not kidding. My first flight was a warm-up for bigger and better things. After I finished it, I opted for a glass (or three) of the lavender. I then proceeded to ask for the manager to probe why they aren’t bottling and selling this by the bottle yet (because I am THAT girl at a restaurant). To save you the trouble, no, they are still not bottling it for sale, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

Crushed - New Kid on the Guac
Enjoying my lavender mimosa more than any girl has ever enjoyed a mimosa in her life

Brunch hours at Crushed are 8am- 4pm. I double dog dare you to last that long. Or, once you’ve instagrammed your mimosa flights and gotten “last night’s gossip” out of your system, take your wild self over to Duck Dive for the bottomless mimosa bar to really get the party started. Because sundays are made for mimosas and girlfriends, and mondays are made for headaches and strong coffee.

Recommended hashtags for your Crushed Instagrams: (You know you wan’t to…)




#BottleThisBadBoy     😉

#MCM or #MimosaCrushMonday


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