Top 6 Bakeries You Have to Eat at in San Francisco

Top 6 Bakeries You Have to Eat at in San Francisco - New Kid On The Guac

Trust me, I get it: San Francisco is overwhelming to a newbie. Especially if you are visiting for a short time and want to make the most out of your San Francisco dining experience. I had a full year to conquer the eating extravaganza that is SF and still left feeling unaccomplished. So let me do you a solid and guide you through one of the most important categories: baked goods.  San Francisco’s baked good game is STRONG, and I don’t want you to waste one single moment in the lands of mediocrity. So do your homework and read up on the best spots to visit when you want to eat dessert for breakfast. You’re welcome.

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A Dietitian’s Bloody Mary

A Dietitian's Bloody Mary - New Kid On The Guac

Hello! Lauren Whitman here. Also known as bloodymaryaddict on Instagram because I. Am. A. BLOODY MARY ADDICT.
I’m a part-time addict, full-time registered dietitian nutritionist, and also friends with the lovely Marissa Thiry! Her and I both have a love for eating healthy, Bloody Marys, and football! Although we disagree on teams (DA BEARS) we agree that Bloody Marys are a game day essential. If you do them right, they can be equally delicious and good for you. So this Sunday, put on your team’s jersey, grab a glass, fill it with ice, and read the following to make a delicious, nutrient-filled Bloody Mary!

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Outerlands - New Kid On The Guac

Imagine: it’s Sunday morning, you lazily awaken at 9 am with faint memories of last night’s midnight pizza order. As you slowly sip your coffee and delete your snapchat story that 36 people have already viewed, your mind wanders to omelets and biscuits and mimosas. Ah, the glorious Holy Day of Brunch in the city. […]

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The Corner Store

The Corner Store - New Kid On The Guac

Last night I watched a devastating ending to the Packer’s football season and drowned myself in sorrows in too much pilsner and bar food. It was a true tragedy, and I thought I may never recover. However, after an hour of struggling this morning, I convinced myself there was reason to go on in life and […]

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Crushed - New Kid On The Guac

A comedian I once saw who shall remain nameless (mainly because I can’t remember his name for the life of me) did a piece on women and their brunch. In his eyes, brunch is like a weekly congregation of females who have been hiding out all week, complaining about their jobs and yelling at their male […]

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Bottlefork - New Kid On The Guac

Something you should know about Midwesterners, is that we take our brunch game seriously. When 10am rolls around on Saturday morning, all bets are off. Herds of people are observed in various jersey-claden gear (depending on the sports season), headed to local watering holes to enjoy a cold beverage (or five) and far too much […]

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