The Corner Store

The Corner Store - New Kid On The Guac

Last night I watched a devastating ending to the Packer’s football season and drowned myself in sorrows in too much pilsner and bar food. It was a true tragedy, and I thought I may never recover. However, after an hour of struggling this morning, I convinced myself there was reason to go on in life and should also probably do something kind to my body today. Thus, I dragged my butt to yoga and followed it with a visit to my favorite brunch spot to make myself feel better. And let me tell you, it did the trick.

The Corner Store is the ultimate pick-me-up, specializing in American comfort food with local highlights. After last night’s loss, I was in serious need of some comforting. Last time I came to this stellar establishment, I opted for the Smoked Salmon Benny (pictured above) which I HIGHLY recommend. Paired with bottomless mimosas for just $15, it truly is a fantastic start to any given Sunday. However, this time I went for something different, which was the Chicken and Grits (pictured below). The new dish definitely did not disappoint. I have not explored the world of grits much, but after today’s feast, I am officially a fan. Cheddar grits, braised chicken, kale, poached egg, chow chow, and topped with maple syrup, this dish was a harmonious blend of sweet and savory with a bold flavor to boot.

The Corner Store - New Kid on the Guac

For all you party animals out there who just want to Brunch but literally Can’t Even today, rejoice! For the world knows your pain, and The Corner Store is here to help you, homegirl. Order online for pick-up and convince your roommate to go scoop the goods for you. You don’t have to leave bed or yoga pants all day long.

Besides serving up World Class Brunch for all the strugglers, it also has a very impressive dinner menu. The famous ‘Corner Store Burger’, named 25 Hottest Hamburgers in America by Eater, is sure to strike your fancy with it’s garlic aioli + bacon jam combo that is out of this world. Or select any 3 items from the Meat & Cheese list for only $18 and taste the flavors from different regions of the country. It’s like leaving the city, without really leaving the city. Total score.



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