Waterbar - New Kid On The Guac

I’d like you to look at the picture above and tell me if anything in the world could be more perfect.


The answer is no. This is the most beautiful plate of food I have ever seen, and it tastes just as fantastic as well!

Here’s a fun fact for you: food photographs are often times not made with the actual ingredients they are depicting. Certain foods don’t hold their integrity for long periods of time to allow for food photographers to get the shot they want. Think ice cream on a summer’s day melting too quick to get the perfect angle, a true tragedy in foodie world! Often times photographers will substitute ingredients in their dishes with other ingredients/household items to enhance their photos and make the food look THAT much more delicious, while also allowing them to work slower to capture the perfect shot. Common tricks of the trade include: mashed potatoes staged as perfect non-melting scoops of ice cream, sprayed deodorant on grapes to give them a frosty polish, I’ve even seen someone spray pam all over a serving platter to make it shine. Trust me when I say: All my food is actual food, and it is absolutely delicious! Some of my homemade dishes may not look professional, but I can assure you they are real, and the ingredients used in my dishes are the same ingredients you see in the picture. No tricks or gimmicks! That being said, I want you to bask in the glory that the food pictured above and below at Waterbar is all REAL. I saw it, I ate it, and now, I’m here to tell you about it.

Waterbar - New Kid on the Guac

Located right underneath the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, this is a must-see restaurant while in San Francisco. An upscale eatery in SoMa with an incredible view of the Bay, I highly recommend reservations if you are planning on dining for dinner. The dinner and lunch menus are very extensive, highlighting popular dishes with the sustainably sourced seafood of the day. They have a killer oyster happy hour which is another option if you are trying to save a little money while still soaking up the experience. To all the 20-something men out there: take your first dates to Oyster Happy Hour at Waterbar. Sit on the patio with a glass of wine and a plate of oysters, and the restaurant will do the rest. Your date will be incredible impressed with you and the food, and she will never know that the oysters only cost you $1 each. High five, bro.

The menu rotates daily, based on the seafood sourcing and seasonal ingredients. I visited in early fall and ordered a Grilled Ahi Tuna Plate with plantains, which was to die for (pictured above). Today’s winter menu varies slightly since my visit, listing a Grilled Ahi Tuna Plate highlighting tangerines and butternut squash, exceptional seasonal choices during the colder months in SF.

The food was out of this world with an ambiance to boot. With several aquarium pillars throughout the restaurant and a breathtaking view of the newly lit Bay Bridge, you truly get a dining experience like none other. I recommend enjoying an appetizer and drink before your entrée and really take your time with the whole dining experience and soak it all up (no pun intended). It is definitely worth it! This restaurant is on the pricier end of my spectrum, but what is life without a little splurging, am I right?! Because everyone’s New Years Resolution should be to ‘Treat Yoself’ every once in a while.

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