Sweetgreen - New Kid On The Guac

Sweetgreen came to Chicago and I could not be more jazzed about it. A lunch spot made up solely of local and organic salads? Yes. All the yes. Founded on grassroots efforts and transparency, this place is the total package, folks. And to top it off, it is within walking distance of my work, which is either a major win or incredibly dangerous for my wallet – the jury is still out.

This trendy lunch spot just opened last week so I gave it a full seven days to work out any kinks before diving in. I scoped out the menu on their website (obviously), and stumbled upon their ‘order online’ option. A couple of clicks later and they were preparing my peach and goat cheese salad and I was dipping out of the office on my way. When I got to Sweetgreen the line was almost out the door and a daunting feeling of dread swept over me. As if right on cue, I spotted the shelves on the right with all of the online orders. I could be wrong, but I swear, there was a majestic spotlight shining down on them and maybe a dove or two flying through the air. Ordering online was so effortless and convenient! I scooped my salad and dipped out the door, avoiding the line entirely (don’t freak out, they charge your card online so it wasn’t a dine and dash). Spent those precious minutes I gained back by skipping the line on a park bench soaking in the ‘sun-meets-skyscraper’ views of the Windy City on a beautiful August afternoon.

Convenience aside, the salads are totally out of this world! I’m not ashamed to say that I have already been to Sweetgreen twice in the first two weeks since it has opened, and both times the food has blown me away. My first experience, I tried the seasonal peach and goat cheese salad and added grilled chicken.  Fresh greens, sliced almonds, juicy peaches, creamy goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette with a side of hearty whole wheat bread… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. I thoroughly enjoyed every glorious moment with this salad.
Sweetgreen - New Kid On The Guac

Yesterday I met up with a friend at Sweetgreen for lunch (strong supporter of lunch breaks, over here), and opted for the pesto portobello. With added grains, this one is definitely a heartier salad and ended up being two meals for me. Classic comfort foods meet innovative flavors with warm quinoa, arugula, roasted chicken, corn, chickpeas, and warm portobellos topped with fresh pesto vinaigrette. Another stellar homerun for salad-lovers everywhere! My friend tried the hummus tahini salad and also raved about the flavor, so much so, that I think it’s only right if I go back next week to try it for myself. We rounded off the meal with a refreshing glass of blueberry basil fresca…. need I say more?!

Sweetgreen - New Kid On The Guac   Sweetgreen - New Kid On The Guac

What I love about this place (aside from the delicious flavor and fresh ingredients) is the customization and convenience. I could add or remove items from my online order, or create my own masterpiece, and then just swing through to collect my winnings. Do not collect $200, do not pass go. Aint nobody got time for that. Just click, pick up, and you are on your way to sweet horizons, my friend. Happy lunching, Chicago!

Sweet greens are made of these.

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