The View Lounge

The View Lounge - New Kid On The Guac

The name of this restaurant is “The View Lounge”, so I’m sure you guys can figure it out why I chose to visit this location. It probably doesn’t need a blog post because with a name like that, it speaks for itself. But hear me when I say this “IT’S NOT JUST THE AMBIENCE!”. Thus, […]

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Escape from New York Pizza

Escape From New York Pizza - New Kid On The Guac

Can you say “PIZZA PARTY AT WORK?!” We ordered pizza today for our team as a thank you for totally busting their butts catering a seamless Employee Appreciation Day at the hospital AND rolling out a brand new menu for our patients this week.They absolutely crushed it, and that kind of hustle deserves to be rewarded! And honestly, […]

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