The View Lounge

The View Lounge - New Kid On The Guac

The name of this restaurant is “The View Lounge”, so I’m sure you guys can figure it out why I chose to visit this location. It probably doesn’t need a blog post because with a name like that, it speaks for itself. But hear me when I say this “IT’S NOT JUST THE AMBIENCE!”. Thus, it is blog-worthy because the entire dining experience deserves rave reviews.

The View Lounge - New Kid on the Guac

Sometimes when old friends come to town, we like to do this thing where we all pretend to be very wealthy and go to some swanky restaurant or bar. When in reality, we are all paying student loans and are very aware that the second glass of chardonnay we just ordered is a direct credit from our internet bill (Dear Comcast, I can explain…). It’s this exact logic that brought my friend Jesse and I to The View Lounge, located on the top floor of the Marriot Marquis in downtown San Francisco a few weeks ago. (Here’s the disclaimer: Jesse actually is a swanky man and totally runs the world. I however, still need that Comcast bill extension…).

So here’s how the night unfolded:

1. Jesse is in town for work and suggests we meet up for a rooftop drink. I pretend I know the hottest spots to do said activity, while frantically yelping ‘rooftop bars near muni stops’.

2. I find ‘The View’, notice it’s location, and chose it because if all else fails, it’s close to more stellar restaurants.

3. We meet up after work (it is a Tuesday by the way – which breaks my cardinal rule of being social on weekdays, but I make the exception). There is a private event at The View for another hour, so we decide to grab drink numero uno and appetizers downstairs to start. We grab a table at the restaurant in the lobby, Big 55 Restaurant and Wine Bar. The ahi poke was an obvious choice and the fried green beans rocked my world.   The View Lounge - New Kid on the Guac  The View Lounge - New Kid on the Guac

4. After appetizers and the most perfect glass of cabernet in all of the land, we proceeded upstairs to The View Lounge to continue our fancy facade.

5. Upstairs consisted of: squealing and gawking about the view (no surprise there), asking the waitress to take 35 pictures of us with said view, ordering the World’s Best Cheese Plate, ordering more of the “cabernet from downstairs”, and a whole lot of reminiscing about college and reminding myself how I am not nearly swanky enough for this type of dining experience on the regular.

The View Lounge - New Kid on the Guac
(Picture credit: Fantastic waitress who shall remain nameless)

Makings of the World’s Best Cheese Plate:

** all cheeses are local // all cheeses are fantastic**

Mt. Tam (Cow’s Milk): A triple cream, washed rind // Farm to Fork: Cowgirl Creamery

Pepato (Sheep’s Milk): peppercorns with complex flavors // Farm to Fork: Bellwether Farms

Humboldt Fog (Goat’s Milk): herbal overtones and a clean citrus finish // Farm to Fork: Cypress Grove Farms

Nicasio Reserve (Cow’s Milk): A classic swiss-italian refined from aging // Farm to Fork: Nicasio Valley Farms

Bonus Features: Dried apricots, plump raisins, flatbread crackers, fresh rosemary (they did not skimp on the rosemary – pretty positive we got an entire rosemary plant on our plate)

Moral of the Story: Treat yoself. It’s 100% worth it. Comcast will understand. 

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