Escape from New York Pizza

Escape From New York Pizza - New Kid On The Guac

Can you say “PIZZA PARTY AT WORK?!” We ordered pizza today for our team as a thank you for totally busting their butts catering a seamless Employee Appreciation Day at the hospital AND rolling out a brand new menu for our patients this week.They absolutely crushed it, and that kind of hustle deserves to be rewarded! And honestly, what is a better reward than pizza?! (Hint: the answer is nothing.)

One of the other managers suggested Escape From New York pizza. Being from Chicago, I chuckled quietly to myself, thinking ‘thin crust – I remember my first pizza’. Can I get a Hell Yeah for Deep Dish lovers over here?! But seeing as I am the newest and youngest manager and also don’t know where to find good deep dish pizza west of Iowa, I nodded and agreed that any free pizza would be well-received with employees because it was free and it was pizza. Enough said.

My co-worker called in a few pizzas and within 35 short minutes, my mind. was. blown. Escape From New York Pizza - New Kid on the GuacEscape From New York Pizza - New Kid on the Guac



Have you ever heard of anything so glorious? This little slice of heaven pictured above goes by the name of Miss Figgy. Thin crust paradise, this beauty is complete with olive oil, garlic, mozzarella, arugula, applewood smoked bacon, goat cheese, balsamic reduction and of course, figs.

I’ll deny I ever said it, but this pizza made a Thin Crust Believer out of me.


Other Honorable Mentions on the menu: 

Elementary My Dear Watsonville: artichokes and tomatoes. Because artichokes on anything is honorable in my opinion.

N.Y.P.C.- New York Pesto Chicken: Chicken, thinly sliced tomatoes, pesto sauce, and parmesan. Because I am a sucker for pesto.


Touché New York, touché. 


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