Saru Sushi Bar

Saru Sushi Bar - New Kid On The Guac

When you work in foodservice, you never get a lunch break. I typically eat breakfast at my desk right when I get to work, eat lunch at my desk after we are done with the lunch rush, and sometimes eat dinner at my desk if I’m working late. I don’t, by any means, condone this behavior. I know how terrible it is to eat while working, both mentally and physically. I am also a huge hypocrite, and preach to everyone to do the exact OPPOSITE of this when they eat their meals. But it’s just the nature of the job I am in right now, and you gotta roll with the punches. So when my co-worker suggested taking our boss out to lunch on her last day of work, I was utterly shell-shocked at the ludicrous and glorious idea.

After getting over the initial shock factor of the suggestion, we started to brainstorm restaurants. We decided on Saru Sushi Bar in Noe Valley SF, a place that has held a prominent spot on my “Restaurants to Try” list for far too long. I felt like I was back in high school skipping class when I walked out of work at noon. Immediately ripping off my employee badge and putting on dark shades when we stepped out of the double doors, we made a break for it. I repeatedly reminded myself out loud that I am actually entitled to a lunch break everyday, and it is perfectly normal to utilize that right. Still, I felt like a rebel.

The guilt slowly subsided and was replaced with pure bliss when we got to Saru Sushi. The food was amazing! First and foremost, everyone knew what they were doing. I have mad respect for a waitress who can explain the different types of fish on the menu and recommend items based on the customer’s preferences. We opted for a smorgasbord of sushi, and it was definitely a good choice.

For an appetizer, we started with the Hamachi Truffle (pictured), which is seared yellowtail, truffle oil, ponzu, garlic chips and scallions. This was life changing. The fish was so tender and the truffle oil had a bold but light taste that hit the spot. They are known for their tasting spoons, so we tried a variety including the scallop spoons (pictured above). We then moved to a few pieces of sashimi and nigiri. Lastly, we finished with the popcorn tuna roll, which is a panko crusted spicy tuna roll with masago, scallions, spicy mayo, and sweet soy glaze.

Saru Sushi - New Kid on the Guac
Hamachi Truffle
Saru Sushi - New Kid on the Guac
Hamachi Truffle


Saru Sushi - New Kid on the Guac
Popcorn Tuna





Saru Sushi - New Kid on the Guac
Toro Nigiri






Everything tasted absolutely divine. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for authentic, high quality sushi. The employees really know what they are doing and can help you order a fantastic tasting meal, whether you are an amateur or a seasoned sushi veteran. The variety of dishes is sure to meet everyone’s palette, and trying things you wouldn’t normally pick out based on staff recommendations is a worthwhile foodie adventure! So to all my hooky-playing hooligans out there, this one is for you. Friday afternoon sushi that is totally worth missing an important budget meeting, I promise. The finance department will understand. (And if not, tell them to go to Saru Sushi, and then get back to you.)

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