Charity Miles

Charity Miles - New Kid On The Guac

Calling all runners, bikers, and walkers- this is a MUST READ! Some genius do-gooder has morphed fitness and charity, bless their soul. With this FREE app, you raise 10 cents per mile of exercise. Honestly, how amazing is that?! Two of my favorite things – exercise and charity, combined into one glorious app, distributed to millions of people at the simple touch of a screen. Go technology!

Here’s the highlights: 

GPS oriented.

Not only does this app raise money per mile, but it also is a handy tool to track your mileage and plan your route. Plus it keeps a history of your mileage, so you can look back when you’re indulging in some decadent dessert and think “it’s okay, I totally crushed a 12 miler this morning, I earned this”. Downfall: it’s no good on a treadmill. I guess someone at Charity miles wanted you to get out and get all that vitamin D as well – can’t blame them for that.

Charity of Choice. 

You can pick which charity your earnings are donated to, which include almost every good cause under the sun. Some of the well-known organizations include Stand Up To Cancer, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Feeding America, Wounded Warrior Project and Autism Speaks. You choose this every time you start your workout, so you can stay true to one charity or spread the love daily, totally your call.

Ultimate Bragging Rights. 

Though it is not mandatory, this app can connect directly to your social media accounts if you choose. When your friends are still feeling the pain of a Friday night gone astray, they can scroll through their Facebook feed and see that you “Ran 11.6 miles and raised $1.16 for Cancer Research”. Not bad for a Saturday morning before 10 am. Downfall: This may make you friends, or make you lose friends. More data is needed to verify results.

Don’t take my word for it, please check it out for yourself!

Get out there fitness friends, and do good!

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